San Bernardino County departments and employees continue to take on new roles to serve our communities during this worldwide pandemic by ensuring people can get vaccinated at a convenient location.

“The Mentone Library held one of more than 530 community pop-up vaccination events the county has conducted to make sure that everyone who wants a vaccination can get one,” said Third District Supervisor Dawn Rowe. “If you want to get vaccinated, we’ve made sure that there’s a clinic, a pharmacy offering vaccines or a special event like this close to where you live or work.”

Even though the library’s main mission is to provide literacy and cultural services, Tim Johnson, a county librarian, says employees also recognize that they have a larger mission to serve their communities.

“When our libraries couldn’t open, we staffed the COVID-19 hotline, helped out at testing and vaccination sites, and pitched in wherever help has been needed,” said Johnson. “Hosting a vaccination clinic here in Mentone is a great way to make an important service easily available to people in this great community.”

As of Tuesday, Sept. 7, the county recorded 332,895 total cases, up 4,115 from last week's 328,780. The county recorded 321,936 total recoveries, 4,530 more than the previous week. A total of 4,929 deaths have been recorded, up 15 from last week. The case fatality rate remained at 1.5%.

The 571 hospital patients are up 17 from the previous week’s 554. The county recorded 159 positive ICU patients, up seven from the previous week. ICU availability rose from 30.8% to 31.5%


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