The city of Yucaipa spreads kindness

Yucaipa Assistant City Manager Greg Franklin and City Administrative Tech Cortney Mcrae, (far right) present a tray of treats to News Mirror Editor Rachael Gustuson and staff as part of the 'Be Kind Yucaipa' campaign. 

Be kind Yucaipa ... it’s contagious!

Today, Friday, Feb. 15, Assistant City Manager Greg Franklin and Administrative Technician Cortney Mcrae visited local businesses to spread a kind message of thankfulness and friendship. They delivered a tray of cookies to the staff at the News Mirror "just because."

In a recent press release, the city of Yucaipa said it's proud to introduce the BE KIND Yucaipa campaign. On Jan. 28,  the city council proclaimed February 2019 as Yucaipa Kindness Month. By doing so, the city strives to encourage organizations, schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, other entities, and the citizens of Yucaipa to celebrate and continuously spread the message of kindness and the value of kind acts. 

Implementation of BE KIND Yucaipa is a practical and actionable way for residents, businesses, organizations, and schools to demonstrate a desire for a unified community with a greater sense of caring and empathy. Adoption of the BE KIND Yucaipa campaign embraces the city’s existing core values and believes it may help lead to a more happy, healthy and rewarding environment for the community.

Please join in celebrating Yucaipa Kindness Month February, National Random Acts of Kindness Day on Feb. 17,  and National Random Acts of Kindness Week from Feb. 18-22.

Email the editor at with any notable acts of kindness and or pictures between Feb. 18-22 and you may appear in a follow-up article. 


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