Yucaipa City Council quietly approved an environmental review and right-of-way acquisition at proposed roundabout intersections at its Feb. 22, council meeting.

The six roundabout intersection improvements are at Avenue E and Bryant Street (dual-lane roundabout), Second Street (single lane roundabout), Third Street (single lane roundabout), Fourth Street (dual lane) and Fifth Street (dual lane) and at Yucaipa Boulevard and Bryant Street (dual lane).

After years of extensive traffic circulation studies and evaluation, council directed staff to move forward with the roundabout engineering. On Oct. 26, 2015, council approved engineering design services for roundabout intersection im­provements.

According to the agenda report, the engineering firm, APD Consultants, will work on minimizing the right-of-way acquisition and reduce impacts to private property as much as possible. The funding will come from Traffic Facility Fees, Measure I Arterial Funds and Pavement Management Program funds, totaling $1.68 million. Total construction costs will be made available to council at a future meeting.


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I would think sidewalks and proper lighting would be more effective to reduce the injuries and fatalities of our pedestrians. Drivers don't respect the right of way when at the Yucaipa Blvd. roundabouts. People blow through them all the time without looking. Or have a deer in the headlights look on their faces. There aren't too many problems with knowing what to do at a stop sign. Well, maybe a bit. The right of way is at times in question. It seems people always want the person on the left to go first when both are at the stop at the same time.

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