Quinn Barrow

Quinn Barrow is taking over city attorney duties for Calimesa, it was announced at the recent council meeting.

Barrow replaces Amy Greyson, who stepped down to focus on personal matters, according to the agenda. Greyson had served as the city attorney for Calimesa since December 2019. Prior to that, Greyson had served 15 years as the assistant city attorney to Kevin Ennis.

Background information on Barrow, provided in the agenda, states he has been employed by the same law firm as Greyson and Ennis of Richards, Watson and Gershon for more than 40 years. Pursuant to the Calimesa’s contract with the law firm, the city council designates the person to serve as the appointed city attorney, which it did in a closed session before the April 19 council meeting.

Other information on Barrow notes his substantial experience as a city attorney for various cities in the greater Los Angeles area. While he has extensive experience in development and land use matters, Barrow is currently the city attorney for Manhattan Beach; general counsel to the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District; and senior attorney for Seal Beach.

In the past, he has served as city attorney for South El Monte (1989-1997 and 2003-2019), Buena Park (1999-2002) and Adelanto (1990-1992), and assistant city attorney for Artesia, Beverly Hills, Carson, Cudahy and Rancho Palos Verdes.

Barrow’s long experience brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Calimesa.

Brendan Kearns will remain as assistant city attorney, with Greyson providing counsel on mobilehome rent control matters as she has for the past 20 years. In addition, Ennis will stay involved and available to assist as deputy city attorney.

Letter of opposition

Finally, council directed staff to send a letter to Calimesa’s state representatives in opposition of Senate Bill 556, regarding wireless broadband infrastructure.

“It directly conflicts with federal law,” said Mayor Pro Tem Linda Molina, who brought the item to council because she feels it takes away local control.

City Manager Bonnie Johnson clarified further SB 556.


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