A Yucaipa residence will be gifted a car from a local body shop. Ben Clymer‘s The Body Shop has been giving cars away for nearly 10 years helping to change lives with a simple gift of a car.

Stephanie, a mother of three children and Marvin have been together 12 years. Five years ago Marvin was diagnosed with severe Lupus and Celiac disease. Unable to work due to complications with lupus and the medication, Stephanie became his caregiver, without a car it was difficult to get her children to school and to get Marvin two medical appointments. Walking to school is very dangerous with three children in upper part of Yucaipa where there are no sidewalks.

Getting a reliable car will help her and her family in many ways getting to school getting to work getting to medical appointment, but also as Stephanie said to me, taking her children to see the ocean for the very first time would be magical. But without a car she could only imagine what it be like for everyone in the family to jump in a reliable car and go to the beach.  

Along with the car, she will get a year’s insurance with help from our partners, Auto Club of Southern California and Enterprise Rent-A-Car just to mention a few organizations that help us with the Benevolence car give away. This will be the 38th car the Clymer family has given away.

The car giveaway will take place 11 a.m., March 21,  at Ben Clymer‘s The Body Shop, 32247 Dunlap Blvd. in Yucaipa.


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