By Brenda Hill

House on Serpent Lake

If you love supernatural thrillers or romance novels, this is a great combination of the two. The House on Serpent Lake is the newest novel by Yucaipa resident author Brenda Hill. 
The story begins with an inheritance of an old lakefront home in the Northwood’s lake.  Lindsey and her husband Eric inherit a 100-year-old lake house and decide to keep it as a vacation house. A spirit in the house compounds the already troubled marriage. What begins as a feeling of déjà vu, Lindsey quickly discovers is something much more. 
An epic love story over a century old that involved two sisters in love with the same man unfolds. 
That man remains at the house. Waiting… 
Lindsey can smell a familiar scent, Bay Rum cologne and she longs for something she doesn’t quite understand.
In a well-crafted story of love, loss and compromise, the story is a real page-turner. 
It has exciting twists and turns and is entirely unpredictable. 
The House on Serpent Lake is available on Kindle. Go to and search for the title. 
Hill’s latest release, “And Justice for Her” is a Kindle boxed set of three mystery/ thrillers, has hit Amazon’s Best Sellers List in several categories:
National Top 100 in Crime Fiction. Other writers in that category include John Sanford, Scott Turow, James Patterson, Elmore Leonard, Patricia Cornwell and Agatha Christy. 
Currently, Hill’s book is #21 in Murder, #5 in Serial Killers and #1 in Vigilante Justice.
Hill said she is watching the rankings every day with breathless excitement. For updates about her new novels, visit the website or blog, www. or

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