Denise Allen

Senator Ochoa Bogh’s Rep. Sid Sonck presents a proclamation to former Yucaipa Mayor Denise Allen, seen here with city council members.

On April 26, Denise Allen was honored by the office of State Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh during the regular Yucaipa City Council meeting. Ochoa Bogh’s Deputy Chief of Staff Nick Calero presented  and read a resolution into record to Allen for her years of service.Rep. Sid Sonck was also there to congratulate Allen.

Calero said, “I knew Denise prior and when the senator asked me to come and present this resolution, I was happy to do so.”

 “When I had a chance to look at her resume and write language for the resolution, I already had a profound respect for Denise, just in the conversations we had and hearing from members of the council and the senator talk about Denise. Once reading the language and writing the resolution, it really drove home that over the 16 years and four-terms that Denise served on the city council, she displayed care for her community. She exemplified strong leadership, reasonable leadership for her city that guided the city through a lot of expansion and great opportunities,” said Calero.

The resolution highlighted Allen’s accomplishments helping the city become the Yucaipa that it is today. Calero stated, “The honorable Denise Allen completed her fourth term on the Yucaipa City Council following 16 years of dedicated and responsible service.”

Calero highlighted Allen’s numerous achievements and extended special recognition and accommodation for her many fine public accomplishments which included being elected to the Yucaipa City Council Nov. 2, 2004 and won re-election in 2008, 2012 and 2016. Being selected by her fellow city council members to serve as mayor of the city of Yucaipa from December 2012 to December 2014.

“The years Allen was on the city council, she shared her experiences and wise council as a member on the committees of American Viticulture, area planning, Crafton Hills College facilities, economic development advisory, finance, healthy Yucaipa, youth advisory and Yucaipa swim team. She also served on ad-hoc committees on the aquatic facility, city public facilities, needs assessment, Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival planning, Yucaipa Performing Arts Center, the city council’s ad-hoc committee and the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District. That, ladies and gentlemen is a long impressive list of achievements,” relayed Calero.

Calero said Allen was “Dedicated to ensuring the best interest of Yucaipa and supporting public safety, economic development, esthetic enhancement through the construction of public facilities, Denise Allen championed the Historic Uptown redevelopment improvements, the drainage, streetscapes, alley-ways, parking lots, and street lighting while laying the foundations for the design and construction of the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center.”

“Where as a major supporter of the local music and festival scene in the Uptown Yucaipa, Denise Allen played an active role in creating Uptown to enhance the city’s nightlife. And having served on the first Music and Arts Festival Committee while she was mayor, she has served on every festival committee since then, including those for AutumnFest and WinterFest events,” said Calero.

As a retired professor, who taught at Crafton Hills College and also served as president of Yucaipa’s swim team for over 10 years, Allen was gratified to have helped with the completion of the Aquatic Center, the Olympic-sized swimming pool of Crafton Hills College, a collaborative project with the college and the city of Yucaipa and as a key member of its planning committee. “She contributed to the design and construction process and was recognized for her efforts at its unveiling in 2014,” stated Calero.

Calero concluded with, “Denise Allen has compiled an impressive record of personal and civic achievements, a record that has earned her the admiration and respect of those persons who have the privilege of associating with her.”

Allen said, “Thank you, this was an honor and it was definitely an honor to serve. It was an amazing 16 years and I couldn’t have done it without my fellow councilmembers and the amazing collaboration that we had as a team. The city staff is amazing and I don’t think there is a better city staff in all of California and that really does make a huge difference in one’s ability to achieve amazing things for the community. And finally, the city and the members of this city, I said from the very first time that I ran that, I loved this city and the members of this community are amazing. It has just really been fun watching this city grow and evolve and I don’t think you guys are done quite yet. Thank you all.”

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