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Yucaipa presents annual Music & Arts Festival

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Yucaipa presents annual Music & Arts Festival

The festival drew large crowds

There were wall-to-wall people this past weekend as the city held its seventh annual Music & Arts Festival in Historic Uptown Yucaipa. Thousands crowded the streets over the three-day festival and luckily no crimes or major incidents were reported.

“It’s pretty amazing that no festival-related arrests were made from May 4 through 6,” said Yucaipa Police Department Lt. James Porter.

Porter attended the festival, off-duty, with his friends and family on Saturday night.

“The bands were great and from my generation,” said Porter. “I think it’s really awesome the city got these bands. It was great.”

Mayors Welcome

Director of Community Development Paul Toomey welcomed festival goers at the Mayor’s Welcome on Friday night. Toomey gave some background information on the city and new Performing Arts Center, slated for completion this November.

Local resident Maddie Schmidt sang the National Anthem.

As more festival guests gathered, he introduced city council, and Yucaipa Mayor Greg Bogh.

“On behalf of council, we’d like to welcome you to the festival,” said Bogh, then he proceeded to ask the audience trivia questions.

2018 Flower Show and Performing Art Fusion

The 2018 Flower Show and Performing Art Fusion was held at the Historic Yucaipa Woman’s Club. This year 70 participants, of all ages, submitted their flowers, plants or arrangements to the well organized event, hosted by the Yucaipa Woman’s committee members: Deb Henderson, May Duncan, Sharon Tulledge, Sharon Ring, Carol Larson and Judy Wheeler. Inside the Yucaipa Woman’s Club, long banquet tables displayed colorful flowers and plants exhibits. There were numerous divisions and categories; a little something for everyone. The floral bouquets had to be grown by the exhibitor, which provided a visual sample of what is growing in yards throughout the community. The flower show stimulated interest in horticulture and floral design, and provided an outlet for creative expression. Barbara Herold had a few exhibits this year in the miniature division. “Miniature floral designs stay in the same concept as a large floral design. Just the scale is reduced,” said Herold. Beautiful floral arrangements adorned the youth division. “I have roses and irises from my yard in my arrangement,” said Kendra Gay, a six-grader.

Each participant was allowed to have three entries in the flower show that were judged by Henderson, Ron and Linda Lang. The judges meticulously reviewed each division for the quality of the design, horticulture, plantsmanship, among many other uniquely demonstrated qualities. This year’s Best in Show award was presented to Christa Slater, who entered a lovely deep purple iris.

During the flower show, numerous performers took the stage and provided astounding entertainment as part of the Performing Arts Fusion including: Erin, McFadden, Sharon Chu, Jane Landers, line dancers, Treble Clefs, Kristyonna Fuller, Nataia Neri, Nicholas Ready, P.M Parker Academy, Jessica McKee Vocal Recital and Glenn Suveg Recital. “We have 14 members who have sang together since the 1960. This year our performance includes vintage songs from different countries,” said Barbara Olsen a Treble Clef Performer.

For a complete list of flower winners, see Flower Show at newsmirror.net


Music from local youth bands rocked and rolled throughout the Y-District on Friday and Saturday.

The San Bernardino Teen Workshop provided most of the talent with bands like Tyler Soriano and the Skies, Nervous System, Sugar Bombs, the all-girls group Alive in the Lights and Thursdays in Suburbia. They all performed at the Bryant Street Stage, at the end of Yucaipa Boulevard.

For those wanting to be a little more active, a $10 wristband allowed access to a variety of jumpers for everything from shooting hoops to a maze.

For the more adventurous, a really bouncy trampoline harnessed the craziness, while still having a good time.


It was a busy weekend for vendors, who ranged from conservative T-shirt stands to origami owl to face-painting.

The Inland Region Iris Society saw a steady stream of traffic as Yucaipa loves its irises. Society member Maggie O’Brien was happy to discuss the beautiful bulbs with anyone who stopped by.

“I would say the fall. You technically can do it when they are done blooming. But you don’t want to plant them in July and August because it’s too hot,” O’Brien said, offering tips on planting and thinning irises.

Art Gallery and Activities

While VisionQuest – the center for creativity opened its gallery door to visitors, aspiring artists tried their hands at designing windsocks and decorating butterflies at the nearby art activities center run by the Leo’s Club, the youth service group for the Lions Club.

Nadine Petaia of Yucaipa busily colored her windsock, red, blue and pink.

“I like it. I’m going to hang it in my kitchen,” she said.

Aleesa Robinson had different plans for her windsock.

“I’m going to give it to my grandma,” she said, as she wrote “I wish u could always be with me” on the side.

Meanwhile Zak Hall and Katelynn Scott helped their “twin stinkers,” Kooper and Madyson, cut and color butterflies.

At VisionQuest’s new gallery, which was open all weekend, local artists found a venue to display their wares. Paintings, photographs, pottery, sculpture and jewelry each had special places in the gallery, artists just had to be VisionQuest members.

“The thrill is when you see the artists view their art on display,” said Claire Marie Teeters, a VisionQuest board member.

Beer Garden

The beer garden was packed both Friday and Saturday nights, with patrons streaming out on to California Street as they waited in line for a cold brew, glass of wine, or iced margarita.

During the day, the traffic was light and the beer garden offered a quiet spot to sit and relax, away from the heat and the crowds.

Gem and Mineral Society

Over at the Gem and Mineral Society displays, young Hunter Melvin of Yucaipa was digging all the rocks at the children’s activities booth. With focused attention, he examined the variety of specimen; trying to decide which ones he should take home.

“My dad is a rock miner,” he said about his interest in rocks.

“He just really likes rocks,” said mom Jessica Melvin.

Perhaps the happiest person who visited the gem and mineral displays over the weekend was longtime volunteer Gloria Young. Her name was selected for the $1,000 raffle grand prize.

“Are you serious?” she said as she approached the table to claim her winnings.

Of course, the extra cash was going to come in handy.

“Well, I have a very expensive trip coming up that I am still paying for,” Young said.

Kids Zone

The Kids Zone was a popular area for families with little ones. For $10 a day, kids enjoyed hours of fun on a variety of bounce houses. Popular bounce houses included a large slide, an obstacle course and a large ship to play pirate on.


Located on First Street was a smaller carnival this year. It featured 10 rides including a Ferris wheel that could be seen throughout the festival. Games were available for kids to play. Collin Hemmer, 7, of Yucaipa, popped two balloons while tossing a dart to take home a small stuffed snake. “I like the games,” said Hemmer.

Dino Encounter

On Sunday, the Dino Encounter was featured on the First Street Stage. Through this show, kids were able to travel back in time 65 million years and learn all about the Cretaceous period with a baby T-Rex named Rocky and Scout, a baby Triceratops that hatched from an egg on stage.

Yucaipa Valley Historical Society

At the roundabout, festival goers were treated to displays of Yucaipa history from the Yucaipa Valley Historical Society. “People have been visiting steady all weekend,” said Claire Teeters. “We have this set up for people to grind acorns just the way it was done by the first people of Yucaipa. Adults and kids have all been enjoying it,” she continued.

Real tools and artifacts that have been found in Yucaipa were on display as well as informational boards with Yucaipa’s history on them.


Yucaipa Mayor Bogh wrapped it up, “This year’s Music & Arts Festival was outstanding. The music, vendors and activities, including the weather, made this one to remember.”


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