Yucaipa City Council unanimously approved a new means of procuring entertainment for Yucaipa’s Performing Arts Center. On Monday evening, city council approved an item that dissolved the former five-member Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival Committee, and established a two city councilmember YPAC committee.

According to city staff, the agenda item was a result of the last council meeting, when the city was discussing two possible new big- name concert acts for the YPAC. The agent (one of many talent agents the city works with) was working to solidify the agreements with the two acts. According to a staff report, the problem was, “an individual posted on social media and included the (dollar) amounts identified in each of the agreements for the artists.” An agent from one of the possible bands “expressed extreme concern over the publication of the contract amount for their client on a social media website. The agent indicated that circumstances like these could jeopardize agreements between artists and venues.”

To avoid any possible future conflicts and secure the best possible entertainment for YPAC in an expedient manner, Director of Community Development Paul Toomey said he would like council to move forward by selecting two councilmembers to serve on the committee and streamline the process for securing bands.

The council also discussed a threshold for the maximum amount of money to be spent on each possible act.

Councilmember David Avila said, “Whatever amount we chose is fine. But, I think it’s two of us, that’s going to make that decision. Not an ad hoc member that doesn’t have a vested interest in our finances.”

Mayor Bobby Duncan directed his gaze at Councilmembers Greg Bogh and Denise Allen and said, “You two ought to be on that committee. You guys are both very conservative, money-wise. I trust your judgement completely.”

The rest of the council concurred.

The two councilmembers, Bogh and Allen would make agreements with talent buyers directly, without needing approval from the rest of council or former ad hoc committee.

City Manager Ray Casey said future YPAC meetings would be open to the public, persuant to the Brown Act.

In another agenda item, Yucaipa Community Services Director Megan Wolfe said they already have outdoor bookings for the YPAC in place.

“We are excited for the future of YPAC,” she said.


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