A not so traditional kids magic show took place on Friday, July 14, at the Calimesa Public Library. Christopher T. Magician (the T stands for Taco according to Christopher) wowed children and their parents with magic tricks that coincided with books that are available at the library.

The afternoon was full of laughs and even a few screeches as Christopher included members of the audience throughout the entire show. His first trick was done with oversized cards. Children were asked to remember what was on each card and in the end, one card magically turned into a giant library card.

“My favorite part was when he made the rat appear under the house,” said seven year-old Bentley Lozano.

Christopher had children help him build a house from pages in books, at the end he lifted the house and a live rat named Clifford was inside. Some children yelled while others laughed at the sight.

The show ended with a book called “Pirate Island.” Christopher flipped through pages showing that the book was rather long. He then flipped through the pages again and the pages were then blank. Christopher talked about how stories come to life and then flipped through the book again and the pages this time were full of colored pictures.

Christopher T. Magician has been a magician for 20 years. He lived and worked in New York for 15 years before moving to Long Beach. For more information about Christopher or to book a show with him, visit www.christophermagician.com.

The next summer performance at the Calimesa Library will be on Friday, July 28 at 2 p.m. Teresa Smith will bring to life African Dance. The Calimesa Library is located at 974 Calimesa Blvd. For more information, call 795-9807.


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