For the last 30 years, the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm has been delighting the community with pumpkins, Christmas trees and more. Yucaipa City Council approved a special event permit application for the Pumpkin Patch and authorized the use of private traffic control services for the popular destination. For locals who travel through Live Oak Canyon during the fall season, this is good news, as traffic can get heavy during the holiday season.

According to city staff, who presented the item to council on Aug. 26, there is a need for lane modifications and traffic control measures, as the weekend peak attendance at the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch is 2,000.

Yucaipa Director of Community Services Megan Wolfe said there are some changes this year for the Pumpkin Patch.

“If you like Halloween, then I have the best item for you,” she said. “We are asking that you approve the special use permit and traffic controls.”

Wolfe reported the season will start Sept. 21 and run through Dec. 31.

The attractions at the Pumpkin Patch will include rides, games, food, live entertainment, a petting zoo, corn maze and box, a gift shop, and more. New this year will be a beer garden. Last year, city council approved a new train ride attraction and the beer garden and both features will be implemented this year.

Director of Community Development Paul Toomey shared specific information about the traffic measures.

“Halloween is just around the corner,” said Toomey. “along with the congestion that we seem to find at that intersection each time to try to minimize that congestion.”

The lane modifications and traffic control measures will enable a better flow of traffic from Interstate 10 and will increase traffic control operators from two to three. The use of a Yucaipa Police deputy on weekends and reader boards announcing traffic ahead will help with traffic. The city will be establishing no parking zones on both sides of Live Oak Canyon Road between I-10 and the city limits and on Outer Highway South, extending from Live Oak Canyon Road to 16th Street bridge. The on-site parking lot of 900 spaces, will also be reconfigured to ensure a better flow. In addition, there are off-site parking lots.

All measures are being done to help “to keep the delays to a minimum.”

Councilman Dick Riddel said, “There’s a large area across the street (from Live Oak Pumpkin Patch) that could be a temporary parking lot that could accommodate this. Have we reached out to the owner of that property?”

Toomey replied, “We have contacted the owner of that property and were not successful.”


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