During the March 22, Yucaipa City Council meeting, Councilmember Justin Beaver said “I would like to ask the city manager to provide any updates that he may have as it relates to the tiering system in San Bernardino County, specifically.”

City Manager Ray Casey said, “Thank you Councilman Beaver and I appreciate the opportunity to update the council.”

Casey relayed that he spoke to the California Department  of Public Health CEO’s office about where San Bernardino County was in the tiering system.

“He thought we were very very close to actually going through the red and into the orange,” said Casey.

The orange tier (Tier 3) indicates “moderate” spread. The orange indicates that schools can reopen for in-person instruction based on state and county guidance. As far as new daily cases per 100,000, 1 to 3.9 cases are being reported and 2% to 4.9% people are testing positive for COVID-19. There will be an increase in the numbers of those allowed indoors at museums, places of worship, gyms and other places. Retail will no longer have capacity restrictions.

“I wanted to let the city council and the community know that when we started the outreach effort for the Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival, of course we were still in purple and so the promotional information is related to the requirements for such an event under the purple tier,” said Casey.

Casey continued with, “Now that we are moving from red into hopefully orange and maybe even beyond, before May, as we have said in previous meetings, we are very hopeful that we’ll be able to conduct the Music and Arts Festival as we have in the past. Or, at least close to as we have in the past with a few minor adjustments. We haven’t updated the outreach effort until we knew, going forward, that we are getting closer to that orange or even yellow tier, but as we get closer to April 1, that’s when we will really need to make a decision about an updated outreach effort.”

“The updated outreach will not include having to issue tickets for the general population, general seating area, general standing area as it was currently marketed, given that we’ve already left the purple tier and hopefully headed towards the yellow. I think this is good news and we’re heading in the right direction and that outreach will happen just before April 1. We will know which tier we are in and which guidelines are applicable at that time,” said Casey.

The public can hear this presentation at yucaipa.org


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