The county testing site at University of Redlands is giving away take home tests, two tests per package. 

There is another surge in new COVID-19 infections in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. As of Jan. 11, 2022, for the past seven days, San Bernardino County reports 6,950 new cases with 4 deaths. Riverside County reports 5,123 new cases with 0 deaths. Daily cases by city on Jan. 11: Riverside - 2,011 new cases. Calimesa - 48 cases Cherry Valley - 19 cases Beaumont - 261 cases Banning - 136 cases Highland 49 new cases Yucaipa 46 new cases Redlands 56 new cases San Bernardino 44 new cases Mentone 52 new cases According to SB COVID-19’s website, free rapid tests are now available for those that live or work in San Bernardino County. The over-the-counter antigen self-test kits are available for pickup at various testing sites throughout San Bernardino and Riverside County. University of Redlands, University Hall, at 1173 E. Brockton Ave., Redlands is one of the sites. It is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is a limit of one kit per person. Exceptions are available for caregivers. For the latest information on the Omicron variant, go to For a COVID-19 testing site near you, call 1-833-422-4255.


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