In the latest San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors COVID-19 weekly update meeting on May 29, Chairman of the Board Curt Hagman addressed the current state of businesses countywide.  Hagman reiterated that hair salons, barbershops, dine-in restaurants are now open, but all with protective measures in place.

“We are adding more and more things every week,” said Hagman. “We are looking forward to our summer. Speaking of summer, July 4th is coming up. So we are trying to think ahead about that. There will be fireworks displays from the cities and private organizations, but we are not going to gather together in parks - you can’t do big group gatherings.”

Hagman said fireworks throughout the county would most likely be viewed from backyards or parked vehicles and done with safety measures in place.  

In the city of Yucaipa, city council recently discussed the July 4th celebration and concluded that since social distancing and large group gatherings are in still place, it would cancel this year’s celebration.

Interim Director of Public Health’s Corwin Porter gave an update at the May 29 county meeting.

“We have over 4,900 (positive) cases within our county and 119 deaths. The virus is still very active in our communities,” Porter said.

He asked communities to continue to practice safe distances.

“As our economy opens up we have greater opportunities,” said Porter “but we also have the potential for greater risk. I can’t say enough about that. As we go shopping, as we start to dine-in restaurants or get our haircuts, finally, we still need to really exercise appropriate precautions to protect our family, loved ones and all those around us in our communities.”


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