Set Free Thrift Store offers an abundance of gently used treasures

Set Free Jesus’ Hands Thrift Store’s current staff includes Arizona Collins, Jane Elliott, Heather Smith, Nanette Barranco, Francis Ramirez, Mike Long, Carol Spencer and Candace Power.

The Set Free Jesus’ Hands Thrift Store in Yucaipa is not only a great little store to purchase high quality used products at a discount rate; it also contributes to those in need.

Set Free’s thrift store has large selections of items. Women’s/men’s and children’s clothing are available as well as many household goods. Shoppers can find beautiful couches and vintage records all in the same trip. All of the proceeds for the store go towards the church and the ministry.

Store volunteers are friendly, and welcoming. Upon walking in the door, guests are greeted with smiling faces.

According to its website, “The thrift store helps to offset the costs of running ministries. It also serves to help those in need within the community by providing clothing and miscellaneous household items to those who would have no other means of obtaining such items.”

Arizona Collins of Yucaipa is the manager of the thrift store and director of the House of Sarah Woman’s Discipleship. All volunteers live at the House of Sarah; currently the store has seven volunteers. Nanette Barranco, a volunteer said, “Set Free is a beautiful thing, I grew up knowing about God but I did not know who God was before Set Free. I know now how much he loves me. Working here gets me outside of myself. Being able to help feed and clothe people is such an amazing and beautiful feeling. We are all in the same boat, some just need a little more help than others.”

Volunteering at the thrift store teaches job skills and responsibilities. Volunteers are from the Set Free Disciple program and are trained on how to work in a professional environment and gain experience and work ethics for their futures.

“The store is here to save the lost and to bring people to Jesus. It finances parts of the ministry and provides for people, we serve Jesus and people. We are part of Pastor Willie Dalgity’s vision,” said Collins.

Set Free Jesus’ Hands Thrift Store runs from donations. It is always excepting and thankful for the donation of items.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is located at 344171 Yucaipa Blvd. and can be contacted at 797-6799.

Visit online at


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