Pure Roots Wellness Center is a classy new addition to Historic Uptown Yucaipa

The friendly staff at Pure Roots: Miranda Bellotti, Sarah Brisbin, Linda Townsend and Samantha Kiser.

Looking for an elegant and relaxing place to get a massage or skin care treatment? Look no further than in Historic Uptown Yucaipa and check out one of its newest shops, Pure Roots Wellness Center. In addition to services, it is a newly remodeled, calming and contemporary store that offers a multitude of unique retail items, perfect for gift giving. It also features Farmhouse Fresh and Wildbloom, natural skin and body care line of products.

Sarah Brisbin, owner of the new wellness center, has spent the last 15 years as an esthetician and most recently as a holistic health practitioner.

Brisbin had a major health crisis that baffled doctors for three years and was hospitalized multiple times. She suffered severe food and cleaning supplies allergies that ultimately changed her life.

“That’s what led me to alternative medicine,” she explained. “I was able to fully heal myself, naturally and with detoxification. I have a heart for people that are ill and want to help. I want to give them hope and inspire them, to turn it into something positive.”

Around the same time, Brisbin found herself a struggling single mother in search of something she has always longed for, to open a wellness center in the community she resides in.

“With the support of my clients over the years, I was able to make my dream into a reality,” said Brisbin.

She leased the 1,300 square foot building in July 2019. She then began searching for a team of experienced and compassionate independent contractors to help provide services at the shop.

There is currently a staff of five at Pure Roots.

“We’re all women,” said Brisbin. “We all have the same common goal –even though we are all independent contractors, we depend on each other and we really work together as one.”

In addition to being an esthetician, Brisbin is Yucaipa’s first certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She focuses on herbs, health, organic nutrition and lifestyle.

“It’s about the body, mind and soul,” she said.

In addition to Brisbin, Pure Roots has two certified massage therapists: Linda Townsend and Samantha Kiser.

Townsend is a state certified massage therapist with over four years experience and thousands of massage services under her belt. She is playfully known as “the muscle whisperer” since her style is based on a client-to-client basis. She listens with her ears, hands and heart to their needs to provide a relaxing and effective massage session.

Kiser is a cutting edge bodywork artist with a high level of professionalism; expertise and a mindful approach to bodywork and medical massage therapy. She specializes in many different modalities of bodywork but is geared towards pain management.

Miranda Bellotti is an esthetician at Pure Roots Wellness Center.

“As an esthetician, I take pride in making others feel confident and good in their own skin through facials waxing and one on one conversation with every individual to make them feel their best,” said Bellotti.

Rebecca Reyes teaches meditation and more at Pure Roots. Reyes believes that yoga and meditation should be accessible to everybody.   She loves the inexperienced yogi and thrives in demystifying yoga and making it simple for everyone.  Reyes holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, is a registered yoga teacher, a meditation teacher and a Reiki Master. 

There is a one-hour meditation class at 6 p.m. every Monday. Additionally, Reyes offers a children’s yoga class.

For those searching for gift ideas, during the month of December, Pure Roots is offering a couple of specials.

Buy a gift certificate for a massage or skin care treatment and get one half off and buy three gift certificates, for treatments or massages, and get one free.

The hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (sometimes later depending on appointments.) However, if all employees are busy with clients, the doors will be locked for privacy and comfort.

Pure Roots Wellness Center is located at 34974 Yucaipa Blvd. in Yucaipa. For more information, call 797-0028 or email purerootswc@gmail.com.

Follow on Instagram @purerootswellnesscenter or Facebook at Pure Roots Wellness Center.


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