Oak Glen Tobacconist offers more than just cigars

The humidor at Oak Glen Tobacconist.

Eric and Mallory Drazin, the owners of Oak Glen Tobacconist, don’t want you to think of their business as a smoke shop. Oak Glen Tobacconist is far more refined and seems to embody a vintage sort of vibe that strikes a different note than a run-of-the-mill smoke shop.

“We do not label ourselves as a smoke shop,” said Drazin. “I think the reason why that is important is that when people hear smoke shop, I think they think cigarettes and everything else. We sell premium hand- made cigars and pipe tobaccos.”

Even the location is unique. Tucked away inside Oak Glen’s Wilshire Apple Shed, the humidor located in a vintage 1936 train car looks outstanding.

“It’s very well insulated,” said Drazin. “On the other side of the train, there are ice hatches that they would use to drop the ice through, and they would transport their perishables for about four or five days, keeping them refrigerated.”

Drazin lined the inside of the train car with the Spanish cedar himself.

“We built a frame around the inside walls,” said Drazin. “Then we lined the interior walls with inch-thick Spanish cedar imported from Mississippi. Cedar is very porous; it holds in the humidity, and the aroma enhances the flavor of the cigar. The cedar also fights off mold and many other types of would-be aggressors.”

The business has created some subscription type services as well, including a subscription service called “The League of Pipes.”

According to the website, The League of Pipes is a membership for pipe smokers who wish to grow their collection and enjoy premium tobaccos.”

Priced at $13.99 a month, participants receive a 2-ounce bag of tobacco of their choice and includes admission to a pipe night each month.

The Thursday Night Pipe Night gathering happens once a month. The cost is $8 and allows the participant to sample anything they want from the entire tobacco collection.

For more information, go to www.oakglentobacconist.com.


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