If you are looking for all natural products to start the new year off right, look no further than Natures Gifts located in Oak Glen. Owned and operated by Candy and Kelly Dacus of Calimesa, Natures Gifts offers all natural candles, soaps, body butters, lotions, scrubs and bath bombs. It also offers Himalayan salt lamps as well as many different kinds of crystals.

Candy and Kelly Dacus moved to Calimesa 15 years ago. The Dacus’ have owned multiple businesses with the last being a dry cleaners that they sold and retired from about six years ago.

“It started as a hobby, just to get us out of the house and have some fun,” said Candy in reference to their most recent business, “We started having booths at local farmers markets and the business just kind of took off.”

“We have been up here for about six-months now and we love it,” said Candy. Walking up to the Oak Glen shop, the fragrances draw you in. The store is calm and relaxing and the Dacus’ are warm and inviting.

Handmade candles are one of the store’s specialties. It offers about 20 different scents and each candle burns for up to 40 hours although it is recommended to burn for only three to four hours per session. Each candle is all-natural, made from non-gmo ingredients and its fragrances come from essential and/or fragrance oils. Rather than cotton wicks, the Dacus’ use a wooden wick, to keep the product as natural as possible. Using the wooden wick also makes the candle crackle like a fireplace.

Another popular product at Natures Gifts is the handmade soaps. “We learned to make these from a friend,” said Candy. The soaps include olive oil, shay butter and coconut oil and are made through a cold process that includes lye. Products such as oatmeal, blueberry seeds or dried flower pedals are added to different soaps to offer an array of products that might meet an individual’s needs. Each soap has to sit for three to four weeks before it is available to sell.

Himalayan salt lamps seem to be a popular product these days and Candy and Kelly offer only the best. “The salt comes from about 800 meters below the earth,” said Kelly.

Natures Gifts offers salt lamps that are all-natural with a wooden base and no salt lamp is shaped the same. Himalayan salt lamps have a high mineral content. Heat from the bulb of the lamp causes the salt to emit negative ions. The negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralizes them. These salt lamps can help relieve symptoms of asthma and allergies or other breathing issues. They purify the air, help you relax and relieve stress.

“We also offer natural crystals or healing stones, which are not only beautiful to look at but also have metaphysical properties,” said Candy.

The store offers a variety of stones and crystals, each with a different purpose. The citrine crystal has properties of wealth and abundance. It is a bright energetic stone that enhances mental clarity and allows for the flow of ideas and visualization. The Dacus’ are very knowledgeable when it comes to the crystals and can help determine which crystal can fit an individual’s needs.

“We have a good quality product that is very reasonably priced. We stand behind our products and are very thankful to our loyal customers we have developed over the years,” said Candy.

Natures Gifts is open year round on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It has extended hours during special events in Oak Glen.

For more information, call 938-9052.

Natures Gifts is located in Oak Tree Village at 38480 Oak Glen Rd., Yucaipa.


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