Mike and Jim’s Barbershop is a gentleman’s paradise

Current day Mike & Jim’s Barbershop on California Street in Yucaipa.

By MANNY B. SANDOVALMike & Jim’s Barbershop opened on April 15, 1958, in Yucaipa.

Since then, the barbershop has transformed itself into the go-to old school gentleman’s clipper paradise. Although it holds an old school flare to it, the barbershop is up to date with current trends.

The shop is owned by Mike and Jim Petta. It’s almost as if the barbering trade was passed down generation to generation in the Petta family.

“Jim is my dad and Mike is my grandpa,” said barber Eric Petta. “We’re an old school barbershop, we’ve been here for so long.”

Not only is Jim Petta known as one of Yucaipa’s best barbers in town, but he’s also a Class of 1982 Yucaipa High School graduate.

Although Eric Petta has only been working at the shop for the past five years, his dad Jim started working there in 1982, over 35 years ago.

“It was my grandpas shop, my dads shop, so I thought it would be awesome to keep the tradition going,” Petta said.

His great grandfather Donato Petta was born in Italy, he also owned a barbershop in Blue Island, Ill. He had five sons and they all cut hair as well.

The shop can cut and create almost any haircut out in the trendsetting landscape today; from fades, to undercuts, to gentleman’s haircuts, to flattops, and even a combover.

“A good old fashion and a regular mens haircut are my favorite to give. Most guys sit in the chair and say give me a regular,” said Eric Petta.

“The majority of out clients are repeating customers. We have these two brothers who started coming here in 1958 and my grandpa was cutting his hair and now I’m even cutting their hair,” Eric Petta said.

“I’ve been coming here since I was about five years old with my dad and grandpa, it’s a genrational thing. Mike and Jim’s barbershop has never given me a bad haircut, so I keep coming back,” said client Dylan Pechinko.

The shop is super busy all week, for those who do not like to wait, they accept appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays. All other days of the week walk-ins are accepted.

The barbershop currently features 5/5 stars based on its Yelp reviews. Yelp is an internet service that help’s people find great local businesses who give quality service.

On Yelp reviewer said, “I love going to this simple barber shop, it features classic service with a smile and great attitude. I go to Eric, Jim’s son, and always get a great cut and he cleans me up with a straight razor. I don’t even have to tell him how I want my hair cut because he remembers all of his clients. Good job guys.”

It’s open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to noon.

Mike & Jim’s Barbershop is at 12416 California St. in Yucaipa. The phone number is 797-3422.


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