Massaro and Welsh Civil Engineers serve the community

Paul Welsh (seated), Eric Welsh (middle), and Cy Weaver (left) in the office on Yucaipa Boulevard.

Massaro and Welsh, located at 34840 Yucaipa Blvd., is a multidisciplinary civil engineering firm offering a wide variety of services, including landscape design and planning, field surveying, and construction management involving water utilities and street improvements.

According to Massaro and Welsh’s mission statement, the company has valued integrity, quality over quantity, and a good reputation over profits since its founding in 1974 by Richard Massaro and Paul Welsh. Currently they serve an extensive area within Southern California, including Yucaipa, Calimesa, Redlands, San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles County.

Now a highly successful company, Massaro and Welsh started with the humblest of beginnings: a layoff at Caltrans. To make ends meet, Massaro and Welsh began as tile contractors, sometimes working all night until 2 o’clock in the morning. Despite the extensive services the company offers now, the civil engineering firm initially began with a big decision to narrow down from tile contracting to focus exclusively on engineering. The business relocated from San Bernardino to Yucaipa three years ago.

Massaro and Welsh’s engineering capabilities include surveying and subdivision mapping, construction staking, highway landscaping, flood control, roadway and trail design, and traffic studies for parking, bridges, and interchanges. Additionally, the firm offers services in the management of natural runoff waters, such as flood control systems and urban storm drains. The firm is also able to analyze erosion, soil conservation, and flood plain areas and hazards. Finally, Massaro and Welsh offers services in urban and regional planning, including but not limited to zoning and subdivision ordinances, recreational facility design, and urban renewal and redevelopment.

In sum, Massaro and Welsh is capable of successfully accomplishing just about any civil engineering project.

Among the company’s extensive portfolio, it has planned and designed a 27-lot subdivision on Fremont Street and Ivy Avenue in Yucaipa, a five-lot subdivision on Magnolia Street in Redlands, and multiple projects in San Bernardino such as the planning and design of a large scale housing development for over 300 residential lots, the design of a drainage facility grading plan for Inland Water Works, and the conversion of an apartment complex to an approved condominium development.

Massaro and Welsh also contracts with a number of independent consultants and specialty firms for projects around Southern California. When not planning and designing city structures, Paul Welsh, Eric Welsh and Project Manager Cy Weaver enjoy hunting elk and exotic African animals such as kudu.

“We also like to joke around here a lot,” said Welsh.

For more information, visit or call 797-5300.


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