New local author

The Quesada family, with father and author David.

When local authors have their first book published, it is a cause of celebration. When the writer is a homegrown talent, having attended Ridgeview Elementary, Park View Middle School, and Yucaipa High School, it can be a source of pride for the community. Such is the case of David Quesada, who has just published the first of 10 books in a series written for third graders and up. Quesada, a Yucaipa resident since 1998, began his love of reading and storytelling at a very early age. After graduation from Yucaipa High School, he went on to graduate from California Baptist University with his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration. He was raised in a large extended family that included many siblings, cousins and next door neighbor kids that to this day are still a part of his life and characters in his book. Being the eldest of this gang of kids, he led them in many fun and exciting adventures. Quesada resides in Yucaipa with his wife and high school sweetheart Taylor and their five children. The characters in “Isle Of Drasca” are based on real life personalities and experiences of David’s children, nieces, nephews, family and friends. Getting to know each character is half the fun. “Isle Of Drasca,” is an exciting adventure story of siblings, cousins and friends. The kids love to eat cheeseburgers, go on adventures, play games and listen to Dad’s stories. Through humor, tragedy and the accidental discovery of a golden book, the children enter another world of dragons and creatures. They must work together to uncover mysteries surrounding the Isle or never return home. “Isle Of Drasca” can be found on Amazon. Coloring books, hats, and T-shirts can also be found on Quesada has been asked to join other local authors at Gardenworks for Kids Learning Center. Its annual “Book Reading by the Author” children’s event will be held in February. Gardenworks owner Donna Hinkle supports youth in the community. For more information visit


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