Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe offers something for kids and parents alike

Hop iN! is located at 12013 Fifth St., Ste. B, in Yucaipa.

Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe is all the rage.

Yucaipa’s hip new eatery and playground which is loved by people old, young and everything in between, opened on Aug. 3, 2017.

“This is a family entertainment center where kids can play and parents can relax. Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe allows children to be active, parents and kids can play together,” said Ryna Simanjuntak, owner.

The ultra-fun business features two kids zones, one for ages 6 and under and the other is for ages 6 and up. It features a ball pit, slides, a jungle gym, toys, and even books.

“We do sanitize our toys every single night. The ball pit gets emptied once a week, we wipe down the floor and sanitize every single ball. We also have hand sanitizer available for guests in three different locations of Hop iN,” Simanjuntak said.

She says the inspiration behind the colorful business came from having lots of nieces and nephews and seeing the struggle her family members faced when looking for a family outing. Simanjuntak also shared how she was involved in a vocational Bible summer camp and once summer was over, the children were still on summer vacation for a few weeks, so she wanted to design and create a facility that fills that gap.

“I did lots of research, and wanted to feature sensory and natoric activities for the kids. I receive lots of input from parents, we’re always open to suggestions. Every few months we replace and add new toys,” said Simanjuntak.

“Something special about us is we are introducing more Asian food to the Yucaipa community. Our menu is filled with lots of Asian and American snacks,” continued Simanjuntak.

Some items on the menu include popcorn chicken, salads, wraps, fries and boba.

“Our kids meals also come with fruit. We also cater to vegitarians, we have some tofu items on the menu as well. We really try to offer a healthy balanced diet through our menu.”

The facility is not only for children, there’s also lots of entertainment for adults.

“We currently have a foosball table and we’re getting a pool table this coming week. Many times parents come here and end up making friends with one another over a game of foosball or any of our other many activities,” said Simanjuntak.

Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe always has trendy music playing, along with a synched video backdrop that is fun to look at for children and adults, alike.

Another special attribute the cafe features is charging ports at every bistro table, which makes it easy for parents to go study at Hop iN! while their children play.

“We designed an open layout for our facility because it allows parents to easily keep an eye on their kids while they’re playing,” said Simanjuntak.

Aside from the quality asian inspired lunch and dinner menu, Hop iN! will soon be serving up a quality all American breakfast.

“Starting this upcoming Saturday, March 17, breakfast will now be available from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., its open to the public and there’s no cover charge before 10 a.m. We’re serving an American style family breakfast. Every order will receive a complimentary coffee cake,” Simanjuntak said.

It doesn’t matter what time or what day of the week, Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe is always the place to be.

“The play place is really cool. I came here last Saturday for the first time and my daughter and I are already back,” said Amy Rhoda, customer.

“Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe is a nice family friendly place for the little ones,” said parent, Janelle Riquelme.

Hop iN! Indoor Playground and Cafe is open every day of the week. It’s located at 12013 Fifth St., Suite B, in Yucaipa.

For more information, call 790-7978.


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