Hometown window cleaning at a great price

Owners Jon Vrolyks and Brent Vrolyks are ready to pressure wash windows, clean concrete and build custom screens.

Dutch Touch Window Cleaning has been in business since 1989.

Its owned by Yucaipa resident Jon Vrolyks and his family.

“I detailed diesel trucks when I was 13, I was very meticulous about my work. My mom did house keeping on the side and I learned the window cleaning trade,” said Vrolyks.

When he was 18 years old, fresh out of high school, Vrolyks and his cousin, Brent Vrolyks went knocking on doors giving free estimates, flyers and brochures to every single resident in Lake Arrowhead.

“Lake Arrowhead is filled with cabins, which are generally peoples second homes. Many of those residents also had homes in beach cities and dearest areas; they would often ask us to go out and clean the windows of their main home,” said Vrolyks.

Today the company services homes, businesses, colleges and universities across the Inland Empire, Coachella Valley, and Orange County.

“We do pressure washing, concrete cleaning, we have a mobile screen service, building screens for doors, windows and solar panels,” continued Vrolyks.

When it comes to residential services, they clean windows inside and out; and they vacuum the tracks of the window.

“We also build everything in our shop, it’s basically a demo of a home. We train our guys in house, before they go out to the resident’s homes,” said Vrolyks.

Over the past 29 years Dutch Touch has continued to thrive.

“It just grew into this huge company. My cousin runs the entire Orange County division. I cover the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley. It all grew by word of mouth; our quality work and customer service has led us to succeed throughout the years,” Vrolyks said.

He also said his businesses communication with clients and being on time is what makes his company different from others.

“When you’re in business it’s about creating new products. We created our own equipment, my dad patented a ladder that he created and it’s only used in our company. It’s a wall grip, that stabilize’s the ladder on top and keeps the ladder from moving or falling,” continued Vrolyks.

Vrolyks said he comes from a dutch family. His dads nickname at work was Dutch, and when Vrolyks was 13 detailing diesels, his co-workers use to say the diesel was getting the dutch touch.

Something special to this business is that in the late 90’s Dutch Touch worked on the set of “City of Angels” in Crest-line and on “Parent Trap” in Big Bear. They brought their water truck’s and hot water pressure washer units to melt snow, because in both of those movies it was supposed to be late summer.

“Something special we do every year is use our ladders to set up the Manning Street Christmas lights and we use lifts by Sun State to decorate,” Vrolyks said.

The business was in Yucaipa for many years, but recently moved to Calimesa.

“My family and I have been living in Yucaipa for over 15 years, I love this town and the people. They’ve been great in supporting our business. I cant thank the community enough,” concluded Vrolyks.

For more information, visit www.dutchtouchwindowcleaning.com or call 790-3097.


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