Cindy Hamilton’s business name, Healing Hearts Sanctuary, came to be as a result of her own experience nine years ago.

“My husband passed away and the grief was so unbearable,” said Hamilton. “I had my first Reiki session and bawled my eyes out. There were tears of grief and anger. It came pouring out. That’s why I named my business Healing Hearts (Sanctuary). My heart finally started to heal.”

Reiki is an alternative medicine that centers on letting go of emotional and physical pain. It is known as healing energy, and uses intentional prayer. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety, said Hamilton, who added it’s nondenominational.

Hamilton is certified in Reiki I and II.

“Along with an energy healing session, we do meditation,” she said. “I can help open up your Chakras, if they are blocked.”

Hamilton performs Reiki sessions in  Forest Falls. She has a healing hut, which her current husband built for her. The property is tranquil, beautifully landscaped and private. It features a reflective pond area with the name “Healing Hearts” carved into it. It is adjacent to Rattlesnake Creek and sits against the mountain range.

Hamilton said just being in the serene setting is relaxing and healing. “It’s a healing place to disconnect and be in nature,” she said.

Clients are placed on a massage table with the calming scent of essential oils surrounding the room in the healing hut. Hamilton begins by using sage to cleanse the body of all negativity. It is a hands-on technique. Depending on the needs of the client, Hamilton will focus on a certain area and try and get rid of negative energy.

Hamilton said Healing Hearts Sanctuary can be used for people of all denominations. For a nominal fee, the use of her property is available for meditation and prayer.

To learn more about or to book a Reiki session, visit or call Hamilton at 222-3316.


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