Frisch’s Clock Chalet is your one stop gift shop

Jim Frisch, standing in front of the Rhythm Clocks, is always happy to help. Frisch’s Clock Chalet is located at 35145 Yucaipa Boulevard.

At Frisch’s Clock Chalet and Gift Shop, customers can find anything from greeting cards and mugs to clocks and model trains. The shop offers many well-known brand items such as Jim Shore and Precious Moments as well.

Popular at this clock and gift shop are the model railroad trains and supplies. “I think the trains are my favorite part of the store,” said owner Jim Frisch. Train sets are very popular during Christmas time.

The most popular brand currently is HO Scale model trains. German manufacturer Bing released the tabletop railway in 1922 and it has remained the most popular scale worldwide every since. If you are looking to get into the model train hobby, HO offers many ready to go starter sets that can easily be expanded. Frisch’s offers a large variety of sets as well as accessories in store to choose from.

A fan of the store said on its Facebook page, “I was told this store carried electric train items and boy do they. No need to go out to Orange County. If Frisch doesn’t have it, I know he can get it. I recommend this place to all for model trains and other gifts.”

Being inside Frisch’s Clock Chalet, your ears are treated to the amazing sound of many different clocks. Rhythm Clocks line one wall in the store; they combine music and motion all while keeping time. If you have never experienced a Rhythm Clock in action, make sure to stop by the store and check them out. Each clock plays a tune while the clock face opens up and moves about. Each clock also has a light sensor so the music will not play in the dark of the night.

Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are a popular item at Frisch’s. With intricate carvings decorating the clocks that started from a block of wood, the cuckoo is the most iconic of clocks.

Frisch’s also offers a large variety of Department 56 village pieces, Jim Shore collections including “Wonderful World of Disney” pieces and the ever popular Precious Moments collections which began in the early 1970s by Sam Butcher and Bill Biel.

Jim Frisch also owns Frisch’s Shaklee, which is located in the same building. The Frisch family has been selling Shaklee products since the 1960s, here in Yucaipa. Shaklee is an American manufacturer and distributor of natural products including nutrition supplements, household products and weight-management products, skin care items and much more.

Businessman Frisch moved to Yucaipa at the age of 11 and his heart has always stayed here. “I have always loved Yucaipa. My wife was also raised here. We moved to Oregon for about six years, we built a house right on the coast and owned a restaurant up there. But one night I was sitting out on the deck and my wife came out and asked me what I was thinking about. The answer was Yucaipa, so we came back,” said Frisch.

Jim Frisch and his wife Kathi married in 1975 and have raised four sons in Yucaipa. As well as the gift store and Shaklee store, they own multiple buildings in uptown Yucaipa including the car museum, next door to the Yucaipa News Mirror.

Frisch’s is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located at 35145 Yucaipa Blvd. For more information, call 797-3249.

Follow Frisch’s Clock Chalet and Gifts on Facebook and Instagram to learn about new items in stock and sales.



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