Dutch Touch celebrates 30 years in business

Employees (upper left to right) Brandon Kersten, Anthony Garibay, Matthew Bonifacio, Chase Atchison, Manny Delgado, John Ortiz, Dallas Sapp and Perry Heigl; (bottom left to right) Jon Vrolyks (owner), Anthony Viera, Anthony Minjares.

Dutch Touch Window Cleaning is a one-stop shop for most all of your window needs. With 14 employees, they cover all of the Inland Empire, the mountain communities and Coachella Valley. Specializing in residential and commercial window cleaning, window track cleaning, soft pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, maintenance schedules to keep your main floor outside view windows sparkling and clear, new construction, awning and metal cleaning, mirror and chandelier cleaning, skylight cleaning, installation of new screens or repair of old screens and rain gutter vacuum cleaning. The innovative company is continuing to develop procedures and equipment to keep its employees safe while developing and using its own products to give their customers great satisfaction with its service.

“When I was thirteen, my dad whose nickname was Dutch was a truck driver, and I used to detail diesel trucks at his work, so when I was detailing the trucks the guys would come by and say ‘hey, you’re giving my truck the dutch touch’ and that is where the name originally came from for our business,” said Jon Vrolyks, owner of Dutch Touch Window Cleaning.

He started the business just after high school.

After Vrolyks learned the trade, he, a cousin and a friend started in Arrowbear where the family had a cabin and began personally knocking on doors, handing out flyers and setting up appointments to clean windows for that area. This endeavor expanded to Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs and Big Bear.

“We knocked on every single door in the entire mountain community which took us two years,” said Vrolyks. “We mapped where we went and that is how the whole thing got started.”

Dutch Touch Window Cleaning’s office is located in Calimesa. Tierra Harper, office manager, routes the trucks to maintain the efficiency of the drivers.

“When my parents, Jan William and Willy Vrolyks, started working here, my dad did the pressure washing and my mom worked part-time in our office. Eventually my parents went full time in the business with me. The biggest change came 20 years ago when I met my wife, Michelle. She is a UCR graduate and super organized and can multi-task like crazy. My parents stepped back and started enjoying retirement about 4-1/2 years ago,” said Vrolyks.

“Between Michelle and I, we are the business and it is the systems that run your business. She systemized the office part of it and I systemized the window cleaning and pressure washing part of the business. We worked together and created all the systems for the business.”

In this type of business there are safety issues with ladders. Jan William Vrolyks created a product for ladder safety called a wall grip and that makes them different from any other window cleaning company. “Because of this, we have had no ladder accidents. This changes the whole way our business runs. We have a three-day training session here in the shop with videos and every type of window that could be found on a job for new hires to gain experience before anyone ever goes on a job. Safety is the bigger side of the business,” said Vroylks.

Special technology involved in window cleaning is used at Dutch Touch Window Cleaning.

“We actually use water fed poles to reach the windows from the ground up to almost 80 feet. Now we don’t even need to go on a ladder on the outside of a lot of homes. We have a filtration system on our trucks from which we draw water for the job, it filters the water (deionized water that is ultra pure) and then it comes out through our pole. We have built this system, modified it ourselves and that makes if efficient.”

“The people that work here are all amazing. We have such an amazing culture as all of our employees are now great friends. They go biking, hiking, snowboarding, golfing and hang out with each other. Seeing this every week makes me so happy to be apart of their lives. My wife is also amazing as the business wouldn’t be what it is without her. Our business would not be what it is today without all of our employees as each one is vital to our team!”

It takes resilience to be successful in this business. Instant gratification after doing a house or a building and making it look new again is what Vrolyks likes the most from his business.  He said it is a feeling that is hard to describe.

“Next year Dutch Touch Window Cleaning will be adding a soft washing to our products and this wash includes a spray of biodegradable wash that is sprayed on the house, releases all the enzymes and dirt off of the paint on the wall and leaves it with a scent of your choice (pine, strawberry, lemon),” said Vrolyks.

Dutch Touch Window Cleaning is located at 1090 Fifth St., Unit 105A, in Calimesa. Call or text 790-3097 for an instant estimate. Visit the website at dutchtouchwindowcleaning.com or customerservice@dutchtouchwindowcleaning.com.


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