There is a delightful and enthusiastic crew at the new Da’ Crust Pizza and Kitchen in the Yucaipa Market and Liquor at 13444 California St. It is really a neighborhood convenience store complete with groceries, beverages and now the Pizza and Kitchen’s great food with a wide menu.

You can order appetizers that include cheese fries, jumbo wings, bruschetta, garlic knots and more while you shop. The menu also includes five choices of salads, cold sandwiches with ‘Da Ham or Turkey or Da’ Italian Sub. The hot Philly cheese steak and Da’ meatball sandwich can include cheese. Burgers are on the menu as well with choices of cheeses on Da’ Burger and there is even a pizza burger.

Pizza choices include the international pizza challenge winner sausage and roasted garlic tomato pie. There is the meatlover’s pizza, a vegetarian, barbecue chicken, pizza aglio, Da’ Hawaiian, Da’ chicken pesto, Da’ Margarita and Da’ calzone. The vegetables, herbs and fruits are fresh.

And then there are specialty dinners which include lasagna, chicken marsala, chicken pesto pasta, baked spaghetti, fettucine alfredo, macaroni and cheese and baked mostaccioli.

Frank McCarron is the chef with Steven Okada and Michelle Kobayashi assisting. McCarron said he is looking into delivery services.

While your order is being prepared the market is well stocked with household goods.

Adam Lasad owns the market and liquor store and operates a dynamic business. The store includes the largest area collection of craft root beers in the non-alcoholic area of the market. There are specialty ginger beers – including one with 100 percent fresh ginger. Clerk Kamal Alkarah will show you the wide range of quality beverages from around the world.

The liquor store stocks New York Seltzers rarely found in the area and some special beers that sell for $35 and more in other beverage stores are in the $20 range there. Old World Belgian beers are on sale as well. Plans are in the works to add some seating areas soon.

There are not many places where you can order lunch and/or dinner, shop for necessities, enjoy the camaraderie while you do it and then walk out with smile.

Da’ Crust Pizza hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. Call your order in at 918-0671


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