Cobb’s Printing has been the cornerstone in the city of Yucaipa, since Henry (Hank) Cobb purchased Cobb’s Printing in 1963. The quaint print shop is located at 13324 California St., between Avenue G and Avenue H. Cobb’s Printing specializes in quality printing and utilizes real printing presses.

Hank and his wife Darlene, son Rocky Cobb and Phil Ervin have been instrumental in the success of the business over the last 55 years. As a young man, Hank Cobb started working for a local newspaper when he graduated from Poly Riverside High School in 1953. He continued his education at Riverside City College where he studied the art of printing.

Afterwards, Hank started working for the News Mirror in the early 1960’s prior to purchasing Cobb’s Printing. Hank’s dedication and printing knowledge and Darlene Cobb’s bookkeeping have been the backbone of Cobb’s Printing, even after they retired 20 years ago. Hank and Darlene frequently visit Cobb’s Printing and assist with deliveries, bookkeeping and to make printing equipment repairs as needed.

The success of Cobb’s Printing can be attributed to Hank’s relationship with other printing businesses. Years ago when a new printing business would open up in Yucaipa, Hank would reach out to the business owners and offer any assistance that may be needed. His competitors quickly became his friends.

“Hank is a down to earth great guy,” said Ervin. Their son Rocky Cobb continues to carry the torch with the assistance of long time employee, Phil Ervin. The two are quite the team. Rocky creates the graphic designs and Ervin completes the printing. Rocky learned graphic design technology by taking classes and reaching out to experts in the graphic design field.

“Graphic design is a true art that Rocky has mastered. I am proud of how he took the initiative to learn graphic design and continue the family business,” said Hank Cobb.

“Since the age of graphic design, we no longer have a need for a dark room to develop images. We used to take black-and-white copies into the dark room and make negatives for metal plates. Today we use a computer and the image is directly sent to the plate. We cut out the dark room with the exception of the Yucaipa High School graduation program. We revert back to the dark room to process into a negative before we run it on the press,” said Rocky Cobb.

When Ervin started working at Cobb’s Printing in 1980, he started out as a pressman. He gained knowledge and felt that in order to be a printer, you must learn everything about printing.

“Before the printing press was invented any type of writing and drawings were completed by hand. The printing press is known as one of the most important inventions of our time,” according to

“Today there are fewer print shops. Many small mom and pop businesses do their own printing. However, big companies that require a lot of printing are regular customers of Cobb’s Printing,” said Ervin. The printing services available at Cobb’s Printing include: graphic design, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, business forms, carbonless forms, carbonless books, color flyers, color postcard mailers that are prepared for the post office as a service to a customer. Cobb’s has provided services to the citizens of Yucaipa and surrounding communities for 55 years.


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