Centerpoint Dental cares for patients while using state of the art equipment

Dr. Craig Wright uses microscopes and TV monitors to treat patients.

Centerpoint Dental is the premier clinic in the Yucaipa/Calimesa area.

It offers everything from crowns, implants, fillings, inlays, root canals, cosmetic veneers, teeth whitening and much more.

“The main emphasis here at Centerpoint Dental is on health,” said Dr. Craig Wright, Centerpoint Dental owner.

What makes this clinic different from the many others in town and in the region is the use of microscopes.

Wright has implemented microscopes into his practice to show the patient and patient’s parents on a TV monitor what he is working on and fixing, or cleaning.

“The patient is hooked up to the microscope and can watch what I’m doing on the monitor, it’s great for parents to see what their kid is doing with their teeth, it’s great for patient education. It enables me to do better dentistry,” continued Wright.

He also shared that when able to see everything in magnified form it makes the work last longer and it makes the experience more comfortable for the patient.

What Centerpoint Dental does differently than other dental clinics is making a connection with patients.

“We try to help keep patient costs down. If a patient does not need any major treatment or to be referred to a specialist, we’ll perform the work here,” said Wright.

Not only does Wright perform regular dental work, he is also capable of treating patients for specialty work.

“We have machines that allow us to manufacture same day crowns, there is no need for several appointments. I also do speciality work, along with root canals. Unless it has to be done by a specialist, I can take care of the work here 99 percent of the time,” Wright said.

He also shared how new patients are given a tour of the facility and made to feel at home.

“We’re always on time and we take care of each person as an individual. We give patients a tour, gather their values and figure out what they want, and take the time to understand their needs,” continued Wright.

Wright also shared his thoughts on the importance of flossing.

“There are people who don’t floss and that’s fine. We’re not going to get down on you for not flossing. But, you will have some problems if you don’t floss; possibly gum disease and others as well,” Wright said.

Patients who don’t floss regularly may experience some bleeding.

“I can identify when patients are and are not flossing. When they come in, using the microscope and TV monitor patients can see and feel the correct way to floss. When bleeding occurs, that means there’s some type of disease going on,” continued Wright.

The trusted and affordable Centerpoint Dental also offers a VIP program to patients when they send the clinic referrals. Patients who are part of the VIP program receive a 10 percent discount on all services, appreciation dinners, and awesome prizes, such as movie and MLB tickets.

Centerpoint Dental is located at 33490 Oak Glen Rd., Suite F, in Yucaipa.

For more information, call 790-9300.


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