Bright Esthetics opens in Historic Uptown Yucaipa

Jackie Bright, owner of Bright Esthetics, prepares an eyebrow color for microblading.

Jackie Bright opened her new studio, Bright Esthetics, in Historic Uptown Yucaipa on May 26. She said it has been a great venture with a steady new increase in customers.

Bright Esthetics specializes in microblading, facials, waxing, eyelash tinting and eyebrow tinting and more. It also performs superficial and non-superficial chemical peels.

Bright graduated from Salon Success Academy in Redlands and has been a licensed esthetician for over 12 years. She recently earned a microblading certification from Vamp Ink.

What is microblading?

“In a nutshell, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure and form of tattoo that creates hair-like strokes for a natural eyebrow,” said Bright. “I match skin tone, eyebrow hair color root color and tone.”

Bright began microblading after she noticed it was a new procedure for those who needed semi-permanent help in the eyebrow area.

“I saw microblading was getting popular. Eyebrows are my thing. I love doing them,” she said.

The procedure is a time consuming process, which takes an average of two hours. The client is color matched and Bright uses measuring tools to shape the eyebrow. Next, a brow-mapping process is completed, using thread dipped in color. Although it is minimally painful to most people, the client is numbed with Lidocaine. A small blade is dipped into ink and the esthetician makes small strokes into the skin, creating “hairs.”

“It looks natural and is especially great for older women who have lost eyebrows,” said Bright.

The procedure lasts about three to five years and costs around $300.

For a less permanent eyebrow treatment, Bright offers shaping and waxing.

Bright Esthetics studio is updated and homey. Bright said she eventually hopes to expand her business to include a line of skin care products.

“I (currently) use a medical grade skin care line on my facials,” said Bright. “It’s unlike any other skin care line because it uses a liposomal delivery system that ensures that the product ingredient penetrates deep into the skin. I hope to sell the products for retail.”

Bright Esthetics is located at 35051 Yucaipa Blvd., Suite D. The phone number is 747-5957.

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