Super owners of supermarket

Dora and Javier Ordonez in their market, with a wide range of food and products.

The story of Asaderos Supermarket is a story of love, hard work and perseverance. It is also the story of delicious, affordable food.

Javier and Dora Ordonez came to the United States from Mexico knowing that with diligence they could achieve their lifelong dreams.

After graduating from Colton High School in 1993, Dora worked as a bagger and then as a cashier at a small meat market named Auction Meats. It was there that she met Javier, who had been working as a butcher for 15 years.

Javier immigrated to the United States in 1989 from Acambay, Estado de Mexico, Mexico.

While dating, both Dora and Javier were promoted into management positions at Auction Meats. Javier had always dreamed of owning his own carniceria or meat market. After they were married in 2001, Javier and Dora opened a small meat market in Yucaipa.

At first, the small store struggled for business. In order to make ends meet, Javier continued working 12-14 hours a day as a manager at Auction Meats while Dora ran their store. Javier would work all night at Auction Meats and then join Dora in Yucaipa to work at their store. He slept when he could in a small office at the back of the store. It was a tough start but eventually the store began to thrive.

In 2003, they expanded into a new location and began offering a greater selection of meat, produce and take-out food. The bigger store was so busy that customers generally had to wait over 30 minutes just to get into the store.

In 2007, Javier and Dora expanded again into their current location at 34717 Yucaipa Blvd. That year, the economy went into a major recession. The Ordonezes were barely scratching by, wondering if they would ever see prosperity again.

Dora and Javier admit that the next few years were exceptionally difficult but they worked long hours to keep their dream alive. “As a couple it hasn’t been easy. We have had our difficult times yet success comes with hard work, patience, sacrifice and dedication,” said Dora.

Thankfully for local residents today, Asaderos Super­market is thriving. The supermarket is most known for its meat market and take-out food, though it has a balanced selection of produce and other sundry items as well.

The selection of meat is extensive, offering a traditional selection as well as rare specialties such as tripe, pork feet, spare ribs, beef shoulder, homemade chorizo, beef flap and whole fish.

Asaderos is famous in Yucaipa for its marinated meats, popular especially for many cultural celebrations.

Asaderos Supermarket has a considerable produce section with treats such as Jicama, whole cactus, kale, prepared masa for tamales, fresco and tamarind.

Do not leave Asaderos Sup­ermarket without ordering some take-out food, available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The take-out and catering menu rivals any full-time restaurant.

Asaderos provides catering services as well and can handle any size event including wedding receptions, fundraisers, festivals, church picnics or corporate luncheons.

Asaderos Supermarket is open every day of the year, Monday-Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Call 909-222-9385 to learn about their catering menu.


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