"Lifepath healer"

Marie Feuer, Ph.D

Spiritual, physical, and emotional healing can come to us in many forms. 

 Yucaipa resident Marie Feuer, Ph.D. of health psychology and behavioral medicine specializes in combining science and intuition to help people restore these important aspect of their lives in personal and meaningful ways.

Feuer, a long time college professor and county of San Bernardino executive in corporate training expert, has been doing healing work and readings since 1987.

Clients seek her out from around the world for her counseling, insights, and unique solutions to life’s problems.

In 2006, she said she was brought to Yucaipa, and instantly knew it was home. Her Douglas street property allowed room for her two horses, and room for her life to grow as well.

“There is a whole community of spiritual talent here that has really gone under the radar,” said Feuer. “It’s sad that some people are so closed about it.”

Feuer said she is ready to “come out of the closet” in a sense, to let folks know she’s here and ready to offer her life path healings.

“Things change when we put energy in motion. It’s a fact that molecules change as soon as they are looked at. It’s quantum physics,” said Feuer. “That’s why prayer works, it’s been proven without a shadow of a doubt that when a stream of energy is focused, as in prayer, people get better as far as taking less medicine, handling the illness better and have less recidivism.”

Feuer said she was raised in  family that valued service above self, and she spent her younger years in the ‘60s and ‘70s involved in social awareness efforts of racism, Native American rights, women’s rights, and legal work.

In 1972 she met  author and Sioux medicine man Leonard Crodog who opened her mind toward the metaphysical.

“I had just phenomenal, incredible experiences, and from that point on one thing after another led me to develop meditation, healing, and intuitive ability through a lot of research and education," said Feuer. "There is a ton of evidence supporting intuitive work and energy healing, and I have a sound background in psychology and a PhD. that really compliments this alternative method."

Feuer points to the Christian website hopefrombeyond.com for Biblical scriptures in support of angels, psychics, and prophets for those who may see non- traditional psychological therapies as in conflict with their religion.

She also supports new Yucaipa resident John Johnson in his effort to get his home occupancy permit approved for his psychic reader business.

"I think its a gift from God and there are bigger social problems we should be worrying about than a nice gentleman with a history of intuition doing practice," Feuer said.

Feuer's Yucaipa practice includes classes based on "how do you connect with spirit?" on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

"People are longing for a place to establish a deep spiritual connection with like minded people who feel things, and the class gives us a venue to explore this," said Feuer.

She also offers private sessions in person or via skype for a variety of subjects including emotional conflicts, alternative therapies, alternative medications, emotional or physical energy healings, and even business and career consultations.

Feuer is adamant about giving free consultations beforehand for people to get a sense of what she does.

"I want people to meet me to find out for themselves if I'm good for them and get a sense of what I do for free," she said.

Feuer offers 15 minute reading certificates on Ebay for $23, search "lifepath healings." For more information visit Feuer's website at www.mariefeuer.org, email her at mariefeuer.com or give her a call at 818-439-99


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