Ken Jones

Fish Window Cleaning owner/operator Ken Jones shows his awards

If Ken Jones can’t brighten your day with clean windows, he’s sure to do it with great customer service.

Jones is the owner of the local Fish Window Cleaning business and said his secret to a successful company is putting his clients first.

“Yes, we are a window cleaning business, but our main product is customer service,” said Jones.

Jones bought the franchise for the local area in 2008. It serves the areas of Yucaipa, Calimesa, Redlands, Mentone, Banning, Beaumont, and Indio to the low desert.

His main customer base is businesses, which have their windows cleaned on a weekly basis.

Jones’ company cleans the windows and awnings of over 900 satisfied businesses a week, and he recently won both the “Navigator” and “500 Club” awards from the Fish corpor­ate office.

The Navigator award is given to an owner who goes out of their way to help prospective franchisees.

The 500 Club award is to honor an owner who garners 500 new accounts in a year. Fish said he has won the Navigator award four out of the last five years.

“The awards aren’t really about me,” said Jones. “It’s a validation and thank you from our happy customers and a testament to our staff, cleaners, and community who keep us in business. It’s a privilege to get to go to homes and businesses and leave behind a good product.”

Jones’ product is a clean window, including screens, awnings, vacuumed tracks, and cleaned window boxes and frames.

In addition to businesses, homes also get the Fish Window Cleaning treatment, with regular or one time appointments available.

“It’s great to get the reaction from a homeowner after a cleaning,” said Jones. “One man said ‘you’ve brought my view into high definition!’ The windows we leave behind can really brighten your world.”

Jones grew up in Yucaipa and graduated from Yucaipa High School in 1981. He said he often runs into old classmates or their families and enjoys catching up.

“I’ve always loved to provide service,” said Jones. “But to do it for people you know and grew up with is kind of special.”

New business is always welcome at Fish, said Jones, but with the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush on the way, it’s best to book well ahead.

Fish Window Cleaning is licensed bonded and insured.

To make an appointment or for more information, call 951-769-2205.


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