A & W Tax Service is a small town, family owned business with a huge clientele.

It’s the best in town because staff is friendly, attentive, innovative and it’s conveniently located in uptown Yucaipa.

“The first official day to file your 2017 taxes electronically is Jan. 29. But, clients can book appointments now, whether its to receive an estimate or book your appointment weeks in advance,” said Terry R. Allen, licensed enrolled agent.

“I’ve been an in-house computerized tax preparer since 1983, we’re licensed by the federal government to represent tax payers at all levels of the IRS, which is called an enrolled agent,” Allen said.

A & W Tax is up to date and uses the best tax software around.

“We offer interactive streamlining, we have a very organized program that we work off of, clients know exactly what’s on their return,” said Heather Allen-Baker, registered tax preparer.

One of the features that separates A & W Tax is that each office features comfy remote control sofas and a large over-head projector screen, which makes the tax document numbers easy to read.

“I have over 40 years of tax service knowledge. We take time with every client, interview them, and create a genuine connection with them,” continued Allen.

The business goes above and beyond, it does much more than just prepare taxes and quickly send clients out the door.

“We’re not afraid to educate clients on tax preparation services and helping our clients understand their taxes. We take the time to explain how we calculated their refund,” said Licensed Enrolled Agent James R. Allen.

“We’re available year round to answer questions as well. We have a client who call’s about making business purchases and asking how that will affect his return. We advise our clients on the most effective way to take the tax benefit form their purchases,” continued Allen-Baker.

A & W Tax also takes pride in backing up their clientele.

“There’s been lots of fraud within the IRS, we have tons of security here to protect our clients information. We always support our work and support our clients throughout any possible audits,” continued James R. Allen.

The past few months people across California and the United States have been in a panic regarding the new tax reform passed by the Trump administration.

“We’re in the year where things change, but we won’t see those changes until we file taxes in 2019,” said Terry R. Allen.

This current tax season will follow the same laws as the 2016 tax season.

“During next year’s tax season, businesses of all types will be sufficiently more complex; they’ll have more favorable tax benefits than they use to have. If working for an employer, your unreimbursed employee business expenses will no longer be deductible, but your marginal tax rates will be lower,” continued James R. Allen.

Something truly special about A & W Tax is it has clients from all over the United States.

“We have clients from Nevada, Arizona, and even people in Idaho who email and fax over their documents. These guys receive referrals from people all over the country, because their clients trust them and they truly care about their clientele,” said Shiela R. Stowells, office manager.

A & W Tax Service is located at 35242 Yucaipa Blvd., Suite A. It’s open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit awtax.com or call 797-9671.


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