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Erik Sahakian

Like all of us, Erik V. Sahakian was caught off guard in March 2020 when the world changed as a global pandemic shut down businesses, decimated the economy, and sent many people into a spiral of fear, hopelessness, and anxiety. “It was like everything changed overnight,” stated Sahakian. “Literally, one day we’re at Disneyland, and the next we’re at Ace buying flashlights and extra batteries, and hunting for toilet paper. It was surreal.”

As worry over the pandemic continued to grow, the early summer brought civil unrest all across the nation, even in the midst of a contentious campaign season. “I could see people losing their joy, giving in to fear, turning against one another, and even questioning the goodness of God,” said Sahakian. “I could feel the tension within myself too, and that’s what inspired me to write a book which I pray will bring hope and encouragement to everyone who has been struggling this past year, and will inevitably struggle again in the future.”

“In Attitude Is Everything: How to Choose a Biblical Perspective in Times of Suffering,” pastor and author Erik V. Sahakian opens the door of understanding to reveal it’s the choice in the attitudes we embrace that hold the difference between living a life of hope or hopelessness, joy or perpetual sorrow, and living the abundant life that Jesus promised or the pathetic façade the world offers instead. Pastor Erik walks readers through three key choices: 1) choosing a heart of thankfulness in the midst of adversity, 2) choosing a mindset of joy through seasons of suffering, and 3) choosing a position of victory in trials and temptation.

Stated Sahakian, “We can’t change the circumstances that are beyond our control, but we can change the way we respond to those circumstances. That very response is rooted in our attitudes and beliefs. In this book I give practical tools, right out of the Bible, to help us all get off the emotional roller coaster we tend to find ourselves on, by changing our thinking so we can instead experience peace, hope, and joy in the midst of struggle.”

“Attitude Is Everything” is a thoroughly inspirational and uplifting read. Pastor Erik’s writing style is relatable and humorous, yet the tools he offers are impactful and thought-provoking. At a time with so much negativity, it’s refreshing to read a book that’s actually uplifting, encouraging, and has practical advice to improve one’s life.

Erik V. Sahakian is an Assisting Pastor at Wildwood Calvary Chapel in Yucaipa, where he regularly teaches, counsels, and writes. Pastor Erik has a passion to see people develop a profound love for the Bible, an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, and to walk in victory through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Attitude Is Everything” is published by Abundant Harvest Publishing and is now available for sale on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats, along with his previous three books, “Don’t Worry About a Thing,” “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself,” and “Shadowlands to the Songs of Seraphim.” You can learn more about Pastor Erik and his writing at www.eriksahakian.


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