Pat Benatar shares the stage with partner Neil Giraldo

Neil Giraldo and Pat Benatar will perform at the YPAC this Sunday evening at 7 p.m.

In an email interview with Pat Benatar, the rock star revealed some pretty interesting facts about her on and off stage relationship with husband Neil Giraldo. Their musical career has endured for 40 fabulous years.

The duo will perform in Yucaipa this Sunday, Oct. 13, at the Yucaipa Performing Arts Center, located at 12062 California St. Chairs will be provided for both VIP and general admission ticket holders.

Yucaipa is excited to host you and Neil Giraldo on Oct. 13! Have you heard of Yucaipa?

Yes! The history is fascinating. We are history junkies and would love to see the Yucaipa Adobe.

You have a large enthusiastic fan base here and we are thrilled to host you both.

Wonderful! We are looking forward to performing for the community.

You met in 1979. Can you tell me about the special love story between you and Neil Giraldo?

We have been together for 41 years, married for 37 years. We have two wonderful daughters, a darling son in law and the sweetest little granddaughter. We have been blessed.

We met in New York, as players first. We created the band and the sound that you have all come to recognize and enjoy. We were each other’s muse and one thing led to another and the rest is “history.” We worked very hard to balance our family and personal lives. It has not been without its challenges, but thankfully, gratefully … here we are.

What about the secret wedding?

We decided, pretty abruptly, to get married. It was 1982, and we were very public people. We wanted a small, intimate wedding with no intrusion. Our friends, the Kristoffersons lived in a small, remote town on Maui … we were assured we would have privacy there. So, sight unseen, we flew to Hana and had the most beautiful, private wedding.

A magical day in an enchanting place. We later had a second ceremony for our parents, family and friends in California.

Being a couple, specifically, how did that help you create and perform music?

There is no way to explain the intimacy between writers, musicians and singers. It is a holy, spiritual union when you are creating music. Add to this the intimacy and romantic love aspect and the combination becomes sacred. Being able to create and perform in this environment has been an amazing gift.

Do you have children together and if so, did you leave the music scene at any time while raising them? Are they musically inclined?

As we mentioned we have two daughters, our oldest is a designer, wife and mother, and the youngest is a comedic actress, singer and influencer. Our baby granddaughter seems musically inclined as well, we are encouraging her and joyfully watching this evolve.

What is your favorite song to play together and why?

Too hard to choose … this is like trying to pick your favorite child. We have sentimental favorites … “Promises In The Dark,” “We Live For Love,” “Hell Is For Children” and of course, ”Heartbreaker.”

Truly there are too many to choose from.

What’s your most memorable concert? After 40 years? Impossible … but the night that we performed on Sept. 11, under extreme duress, was unforgettable. That night we really understood the power of music to help heal.

What does the future hold for you both? Everything! There are so many more adventures to come!


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