Whether you love pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin patches, festivals or bake-offs, October 26 is declared National Pumpkin Day. 

It is a frenzy of pumpkin obsession. We cannot wait for the big November holiday for pumpkin pie. No siree, we need pumpkin everything! And let's not forget jack-o-lantern carving too! 

This squash is native to North America. The oldest evidence of pumpkin-related seeds dates back to somewhere between 7000 to 5500 BC to seeds found in Mexico.

Within recent years, white pumpkins have become more popular in the United States. The U.S. produces 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins within a year, with Illinois producing more than any other state.

In 2021, Italian Stefano Cutrupi claimed the title of the world's largest pumpkin that weighed in at 2,703 pounds. 

Pumpkins are packed with nutrients, but they're not only good for humans. Veterinarians recommend pumpkin as a dietary supplement for dogs and cats. Since pumpkins are easy to digest, if your pet is experiencing certain digestive ailments, don't be surprised if your vet says to give them pumpkin puree.

Poultry also benefit from eating raw pumpkin as a supplement to their regular feed during the winter months to help maintain egg production.

As a seasonal food, it sure comes at the right time of year. Since it's packed with vitamin C, it can boost your immune system to fight off those nasty colds too!

Celebrate the day with something pumpkin today even if it has to do with buying something with a pumpkin on it for Halloween!


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