In the spirit of fair play, I would like to offer the flip-side to the critique delivered by Dr. Dezi Waterhouse in last week’s News Mirror (“…

According to that letter writer all of us who are actually being responsible by practicing social distancing and mask-wearing in the midst of …

“This is so unfair to me” President Trump whines as over 100,000 Americans die due to COVID-19.

Over the years, I have only shared with a handful of people that the Lord promised me when I was fifteen years old that one day I would be in …

A while back, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was pulling into the parking lot of Baker’s and I noticed a couple across the street trying …

I was excited to see the headline front-page photo of the bighorn sheep returning to our local mountains.

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The Yucaipa Boys season began with five new varsity starters. 0nly sophomore, singles player, Preston Chu returning to his same position on the team . As the preseason started the team had a lot of growing pains and a variety of lineup changes as the team was preparing for Citrus Belt League (CBL) play.

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