Rosalyn Roberts died June 3, 2021, surrounded by family at Red…

Like many children, my bedroom was a mess with clothes and toys strewn everywhere. My closet was the worst of all. Everything in my closet was…

Promotes wearing a mask,vaccinations Listed below are “A Citizens Seven Ways to Obey” during this COVID-19 pandemic. We should all wear a mask and get vaccinated. The first one is; Jesus said to obey, Romans 13; 1-2 obey all authority appointed over you. (2) Listen to the CDC and W.H.O. (3) Listen to the President of the USA. (4) Listen to the governor of your state. (5) Listen to your county supervisors. (6) Listen to your cities mayor. (7) John 21-17, listen to your sheppard of the church, Synagogue, or Mosque. 1. Romans 13; 1-2 Jesus said, “Obey the government, for God is the one who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey God, punishment will follow. 2. In order to protect yourself and others The CDC, Center for Diseases Control; says to get vaccinated, as they have approved several vaccines that can help protect you and others. CDC is the legal authority for quarantining, medicines, social protection, for CDC mandates all recommendations. 3. The Presidential powers and responsibility to today’s COVID-19 Pandemic as it was with the past President D. Trump, falls on Joe Biden, as well. They have declared a national emergency; along with all 50 governors’ of the United States. They have each set down guide lines for us to follow; in order for all of us to save lives. The president follows all guidelines of the CDC. Therefore, knowing that one God has spoken through His Son, Christ Jesus in Romans 13; 1-2, and to those who listen they have a responsibility to save lives; like the 2 CDC and the three presidents or kings or queens of all countries. These three and the following four authorities, four governors, five supervisors, six mayors and seven church leaders; Pastors, preachers, priest, rabbis and imams, have a responsibility to save and protect the lives of their sheep. 4. We began this recitation of seven ways to obey the wearing of mask’s and getting vaccinated; I find this in John 21-17, Jesus asked St. Peter this question three times! “Do you love me:, and on the last response “You know I do Lord,” then Jesus said, “Go and feed my sheep.” Each leader is responsible for this question? “Do I have the authority to say yes wear your mask, and get vaccinated. I would like to give you an example of what has happened in the last few days at a golf tournament! The leader tested positive for COVID, he was disqualified and lost out on 1.6 million dollars. He would have tied Tigers record for the golf world. Minister Bob Schofield. Yucaipa

Promotes wearing a mask,vaccinations

This is in regard to “Rock concerts at the YPAC,” on June 4, 2021, in the News Mirror.

One year for Easter, I decided to wear a sweater vest that had been sitting in my closet for a couple of years. I had been waiting for the rig…

Smiles for Seniors would like to thank the student leaders of CECA and their wonderful teacher Mrs. Corbin for their continued support for our…

Summertime and the living is easy - or not.

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YUCAIPA – The strategy of the Yucaipa High basketball team was not complicated. It spread the floor on offense, left the middle open for forward Jonathan Stradford, and then let Stradford drive to the basket for shots or dish it to open teammates.

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