One of my greatest joys as a husband and father is to work together as a family. There is something about gathering together for a common purp…

I am a repeat blood donor and feel it’s my duty to donate my O+ blood, as our infant daughter’s life was saved with a blood donation 29 years ago.

Thanks to the News Mirror for staying out of the national politics dialogue. You are a welcome relief from most all other media sources, who a…

I’ve shared before that when my son, Maksim, was younger he enjoyed dressing just like me. Well, some years back I officiated a wedding ceremo…

William Shakespeare wrote this not just for two people in love but for the culture they inhabit, a culture of honor, respect, decency, and tolerance.

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On Jan. 11, the Yucaipa City Council approved and authorized City Manager Ray Casey to execute Facility Use Agreements  and administer the terms of the agreements between the city of Yucaipa and Yucaipa Valley Youth Soccer Organization, Spartans F.C. (football club), Yucaipa Valley American Little League, Yucaipa-Calimesa Amateur Softball Association, Yucaipa Junior All American Football and Cheer, Inc., Yucaipa Youth Basketball, Yucaipa Swim Team and San Canyon Water Polo Club for use of city and district facilities.

Photos will appear on our website and possibly in our newspaper.